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Benefits of Joining the CHRISTUS Dubuis Team of Associates..


CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System pays competitively and conducts multiple independent market studies in each geographic area annually. The organization strives for equitable treatment of its associates and provides attraction and retention of competent, mission-driven associates. An associate's overall compensation package may include a combination of the following:

  • Base pay
  • Performance rewards
  • Differential pay as appropriate (shift, weekend etc.)
  • Overtime
  • Market adjustments
  • Special incentives for reaching team goals

Also, Associates receive a personalized Statement of Benefits annually. This statement illustrates the monetary value of the current total compensation package that includes base salary and all selected benefit programs.


Insurance selections for full-time associates and their eligible dependents are effective the first calendar day of the second month following their employment date with CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System. Associates may choose from a variety of plans including:

  • Medical Insurance (two tiered PPO plans from which to choose)
    Note: Both Medical Plan Options include a Prescription Drug Plan + Vision Plan
  • Dental Insurance (two plans from which to choose, in most areas)

CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System pays a portion of the medical and dental plan premium for associates and dependents. More information can be found at www.mygilsbar.com. Hospitals located in Texas, Georgia and Fort Smith, AR can view available providers (hospitals and physicians with preferred rates) at www.beechstreet.com. Hospitals located in Louisiana, Hot Springs, AR and Cedar Rapids, IA can see available providers (hospitals and physicians with preferred rates) at www.phcs.com.


Employer Paid Benefits:

  • Group Term Life
  • Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Long Term Disability

Employee Paid Benefits:

  • Voluntary Term Life
  • Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Short Term Disability
  • Dependent Life


Associates may use flexible spending accounts to direct a portion of their pre-tax salary to pay for eligible Medical and Dental and Dependent Care expenses that may not be covered in CHRISTUS Dubuis' group health plan. Plan provides a debit card for use in advance of payment required for service. More information can be found at www.mygilsbar.com


Cash Balance Plan: Company sponsored retirement plan that is designed to provide our associates with income during their retirement years. The company pays the full costs of the Plan. Administrator for the Plan is Hewitt Associates. More information can be found at resources.hewitt.com/christus

Retirement Savings Plan: Voluntary participation in a 403(b) matched savings plan that allows associates to make tax deferred contributions to supplement their company paid retirement benefits. This Plan is open to full-time and eligible part-time associates. CHRISTUS Dubuis matches 50% of your contributions up to 2% of your earnings. Trustee for the Plan is Fidelity Investments. More information can be found at www.fidelity.com

TK7(b) Plan: Optional voluntary participation in a 457(b) plan that allows associates to maximize tax deferred contributions to supplement their 403(b) retirement plan. Associate must optimize their 403(b) contributions first. All contributions are paid by the associate only. Program is offered through the partnership of Lincoln Financial Group & Clark/Bardes Consulting Healthcare Group. More information can be found at www.lfg.com


Full Time Associates:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) beginning with 6.46 hours per two-week pay period (21 days per year.) Eligible for use after 90 days of employment with supervisory approval. Increases with length of employment. Includes any use for holiday time off.
  • Extended Sick Leave accrual of nine days per year. Eligible for use after 90 days of employment. In most circumstances, first 36 hours of illness leave will be taken from the PTO bank.
  • Leave for military service, qualifying bereavement, jury duty and certain educational opportunities
  • Family Medical Leave as per lawful requirements

Part Time Associates:

Associates who are designated as regular part-time (with schedules of at least 20 hours weekly) are eligible for PTO and ESL accruals earned in proportion to the percentage of time worked.

A confidential resource, free-of-charge employee assistance program. "LifeWorks" helps ensure the health and well-being of our full-time associates and can provide you and your loved ones information, ideas and support on a wide variety of everyday issues, including:

  • Personal well-being
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Midlife and retirement health
  • Grief and loss
  • Marital/family, parent/child, relationship issues
  • Budget and Financial issues
  • Legal matters on a limited basis

More information can be found at www.guidanceresources.com. (Current Associates should contact HR-Central Benefits at 1-800-321-7011 for user information)


Designed exclusively for funding higher education, a 529 savings plan. While all deductions are taxable, this plan offers a solution that allows earnings on the assets set aside for college to grow on a tax-deferred basis.  More information can be found at www.johnhancockfreedom529.com


After six months of employment, eligible full-time associates may apply for tuition reimbursement for work-related studies. Total tuition reimbursement will be limited to 100% of the cost of tuition, registration, books and laboratory fees, generally not to exceed $1,500 per associate/year.


CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System understands the importance of maintaining a balance between our work and personal lives... therefore we provide programs and opportunities which promote health and well being! More information can be found at www.myGilsbar.com

Health & Wellness Program - "WILL POWER"

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Health Handouts
  • Health Awareness Games and Quizzes
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Health promotions via website and contests


Recognition and Work-Life Programs

  • Associate service awards
  • Outstanding associate awards
  • Quarterly MAP Awards to reward team accomplishments


Government issued Bonds are available through payroll deductions. Savings bonds are administered through National Bond and Trust Company, Inc. More information can be found at www.nbtco.com

All of our associates may join the Smart Financial Credit Union that offers banking, savings and loan services. Visit them at www.smartcu.org

This service is available and encouraged with most financial institutions. Pay periods are bi-weekly (Friday).


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